Fringe Benefits

After a brief hiatus I’m back!

The reason for the hiatus is that I’ve been on a job hunt – no, not applying for the Artistic Director role at the NT but an actual, proper, day job. For the past two years I’ve been working part time for a marketing agency doing various office roles and building up my non director CV. It was a lovely little job, great people, fun agency and also gave me a regular income.  Unfortunately this company went into liquidation a few weeks ago so I’ve been manically (calmly?) on the hunt for something else.

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““The industry is having to take safer and safer decisions – and audiences are taking safer and safer decisions too”

The title of this post is a quote by Max Stafford-Clark, renowned director and founder of Out Of Joint theatre company. I urge you all to read the interview he did with The Guardian, please take time to read it all as it’s a very humbling look at the state of theatre from one of theatre’s most well known directors. Click here for the article. The comments section makes an interesting read too – a couple of conflicting opinions but I have to say they were all making good points last time I checked!

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