Showcase showdown

How important is a drama school showcase? I read an interesting article on The Stage website debating how effective they are in this day and age, check out the article here.

It’s an interesting concept that after three years of training it all comes down to about 20 minutes (if not less) of you hammering through a monologue/duologue on a brightly lit stage in the hope of gaining an agent. The irony is, it’s often some of the most genuinely talented actors that falter at the showcase – either poor choice of monologue, nerves, bad direction or simply just the alarming realisation as you stare into a sea of faces that ‘I should have gone with Hamlet’.

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Thursday funnies

After I went to see Les Mis a few months ago I decided to look up some of the different casts that had performed this musical. Along my way I discovered the below video – if you know the musical well (or even if you’re just familiar with a few songs) I implore you to skip the video to 3:32 to hear the single most CRAZY interpretation of a Jean Valjean number you’ve ever heard! Never fails to make me laugh!


Hello again! Sorry there has been a little break on my blog page for the past couple of weeks – but I’m back now and ready to get blogging again!

I read with interest a review of Gigi on Broadway starring High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens. Gigi is a musical that has always sat a bit uncomfortably for a modern audience – the story of a fifteen year old girl being groomed to be a rich man’s mistress, only for the rich man to fall in love with her and they live happily ever after! Not sure it would pass muster in a literary department today but then again, neither would Romeo & Juliet!

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