Maxine Peake as Hamlet

I just read a great interview with Maxine Peake about playing Hamlet – click here for link to The Guardian article. The interview offers an interesting perspective on what it is like to perform one of Shakespeare’s most famous male roles and how she approached this part from the perspective of a female performer.

She also rightly points out that there seems to have been a significant increase in female actors getting the chance to play some of Shakespeares more iconic male roles –

“It feels like there’s going to be a real sea change in theatre… I never thought I was going to be a fantastic Hamlet, I just thought, “What an opportunity!” … There aren’t that many great female roles in Shakespeare – none that I’d be desperate to play.” – Maxine Peake

This is an exciting time for female performers and I really hope productions like Peake’s Hamlet continue to pave the way for other female actors to experience performing not only some of Shakespeare’s famous male roles, but other classic parts that have been set aside exclusively for men.

Peake’s version of Hamlet, directed by Sarah Frankom, is going to be shown in cinemas from the 23rd March, I’m definitely going to check it out and would be really interested to know if anyone else is planning on doing the same 🙂  Perhaps an excursion could be organised??

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