Ticket success :)

The time is 10.50am on Monday 3rd November and I have a sudden thought…. Barclays Front Row tickets at The Donmar! If you’ve read my first blog post you’d know that I have an uncanny knack of forgetting each Monday about the Donmar’s front row scheme. However, prompted by my previous blog post I logged on just before 11am and managed to secure the last ticket available to Phyllida Lloyd’s all-female production of Henry VI!  I’m seeing the matinee performance on Saturday 22nd November and have a seat on the front row of the circle. I couldn’t have been more excited and let out a resounding “wooooo hoooo!” when I got the confirmation email. I will be sure to blog my review of the show after I’ve seen it – fingers crossed it’s good!

Strangely the only other show I’ve managed to get a ticket for at the Donmar was also a front row seat! Quite amazing considering it’s almost impossible to get any seat these days. It was a production of The Cut by Mark Ravenhill starring Ian McKellen and directed by Michael Grandage way back in 2006. I was looking for an arty place to go on a date with my then boyfriend (now husband) and brazenly called up the box office requesting two tickets to be told they’d had a cancellation and we could have two seats on the front row in the stalls! Unfortunately this gave me a false sense of security and ever since then such phone calls to The Donmar have been met with slight surprise that I would think I could get on the front row to one of the hottest tickets in town! Oh well!

Anyway, it was such an amazing play and also incredibly special to see Sir Ian so close up and realise just what a good stage actor he is. As far as I’m aware the play hasn’t been staged since (please correct me if I’m wrong) but if it does ever come back to the West End I’d absolutely recommend you try and see it – just don’t expect a front row seat unless you actually are Sir Ian McKellen!

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